Clinics & Services

The GPs and practice nurses have set up these clinics and patients who are to attend will receive appointments

Chronic Disease Clinicsbp_at_home

  • Coronary Heart Disease/Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • COPD

Other services offered by the practice

Minor Injury

The practice provides minor injury assessments and treatments for our patients – if deemed necessary patients will be advised to attend A& E Departments.

Minor Surgery

The practice also provides minor surgery to patients e.g. joint injections, excision of suspicious lesions, removal of in growing toenails,  incisions & aspirations. 

Maternity Services

Ante natal and post natal care is provided by community midwives of Western Health & Social Care Trust in Omagh under the Shared Care Scheme, in conjunction with the GP, the consultant obstetrician and hospital based midwife.

Family Planning and Contraceptive Services

These are provided within the practice; please make an appointment with one of the female GPs.

Smears – Cervical Screening

This is offered to all female patients from the age of 25 years to 50 years at 3 yearly intervals and from 51 years to 65 years at 5 yearly intervals as per cervical cytology protocol.  Patients are advised of the result by letter and follow up requirements.  Screening is carried out by our Practice Nurses, Dr Devlin, Dr McCullagh and Dr Maguire.  Please phone reception for an appointment.

Near Patient Testing

The treatment of several diseases, particularly in the field of rheumatology, is increasingly reliant on drugs that, while clinically effective, need regular blood monitoring.  These tests are carried out by the healthcare assistant on referral by the doctor.  We have weekly review appointment clinics on a Monday morning - please ring reception for an appointment.

Warfarin/INR Testing

The practice nurses and Health Care Assistant carry out INR testing in the practice using the Coagucheck XS plus monitor and by entering the result on the Computer program RAT.  This provides a safe and efficient management system for our patients.

Adult Vaccinations

Flu vaccinations clinics are run each autumn and patients are identified within the clinical risk groups provided by the Department of Health, these groups  for the special clinics run during that time- please telephone Reception to make an appointment for these clinics  if you feel that you fall within the identified risk groups  .  

Other vaccinations required should be discussed with one of the practice nurses.

Foreign Travel Vaccination

A range of travel advice and immunisations are available at the practice.  You must complete a travel vaccination form which is available at reception and leave this for the practice nurse who will complete the requirements for you and contact and advise what is recommended for your travel.  The nurse will advise you when to collect any prescriptions needed by you and also when to attend for vaccination.  Some vaccines are available on NHS but the majority of travel vaccinations, tablets etc. are not available on NHS and must be paid for on private prescription, there is also a fee for travel advice which is payable on the first visit for your vaccinations.

Child Health Clinics99351926

These are arranged by the health visitors and GPs; you will receive an appointment of when and where to attend when your child reaches certain milestones. At these clinics we will assess your child, immunise your child and offer support to parents.  All immunisations due will be discussed with you and consent obtained before being given.

Well Person Screening:

This service is available to all patients, by appointment with the practice nurse/healthcare assistant.  It provides a general health screen, looking particularly for coronary heart disease risk factors.  We advise our patients to have regular check ups for lifestyle, weight and risk factor analysis and blood pressure measurement.

Patients over the age of 75 years who haven’t attended in 3 years should make an appointment to see the doctor for a general check up.

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